Block Check Pure New Wool Throw - Brown/Beige/Cream

  • £78.00

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Great purchase

A lovely warm wool blanket suitable for extra bed cover, throw or wrap around on the sofa. Subtle shades of beige and cream goes with most colour schemes. Great value for money

Tal T.
Better looking in reality than in photos!

Would you believe me if I told you that this blanket is even better in reality than in pictures? I wouldn’t because usually it is the opposite. The colours are so stunning and the blanket itself is so warm and gives you this cozy feeling. Also I don’t know if all of the blankets have it, but this one came with an amazing woody smell which just gave me those winter wooden hut in a forest vibes. The material itself can be at first irritating because of the wool hair, but after a while you get used to it especially when you need it to warm you up. The blanket is very big so you have enough space for two underneath it. The product came in delay for some time but it is understandable due to COVID/ Brexit situation.

Lovely throw, fast and tracked delivery

Ordered 5 throws including this one as I wanted something made in the UK and not from artificial fibres. This is a heavier chunky block check and is quite hairy but still soft. Delivered by Royal Mail with full tracking, so my usual postie and no chucking over the gate and driving off. Pleased with all 5 throws.

Thanks for your review! Great to hear you are happy with all 5 throws! All our blankets are made in the UK from wool, so perfect for what you were looking for.

Joy Wheeler

The throw I have received is just lovely. It only took 9 days to arrive in my very own "woolly" country-New Zealand. Thankyou so much!

Thank you so much for your review! So glad you enjoying the throw.