Our Story

Hannah on a PhotoshootHello, I'm Hannah, one of two partners at Wool Blanket Online here to tell you a little bit about us. Wool Blanket Online started all the way back in 2002 when my mum, Cathy, was looking for a part-time job while raising her two young daughters, 11-year-old Gemma and 7-year-old Hannah (that's me)! At the time husband Keith was doing some computer work for a traditional Yorkshire woollen mill in Morley, the blankets they weaved were so lovely Cathy thought what a good idea to sell them online, in the relatively new online shopping market that was arising in 2002. So, it began with only 6 blankets!

It's been truly a family affair, with all members of the family helping out Mum with busy periods, and odd jobs over the years. Skip forward to 2015, and that is when I officially joined the business as a partner. My decision came after working in a big company for a few years, I felt like a very small fish in a very big pond where I could make very little impact to the business. I decided the opportunity to help run a small business with my Mum, with products I loved and believed in was too good a chance to miss! I've loved diving in and learning new business skills, and now a few years on I wonder why I didn't make that decision sooner.
So, today we are a small business run by a Mum & daughter duo. This makes us the perfect team! We combine traditional looks with fresh vibrant looks, we each have our favourite pieces and bring our different styles to the collections.  
We now source over 500 different products and have built excellent relationships with a number of different British Woollen mills and craftsmen across the country. This means we can deliver the best of what British companies have to offer when it comes to Wool Blankets, Throws, Scarves, Shawls, Hats & much more.
Winter Scarf and Mug
We care about our business and the service we offer; our aim is to make your buying experience as pleasurable as possible, with the hope you'll return to us for any future purchasing needs. 
Our philosophy is to keep costs low as possible while still delivering a great product and service, so your hard-earned money is well spent, with the value being on the product itself.
alpaca wool blankets autumn
We believe in our products; they are made to last for years. A blanket can become a family treasure passed down to future generations. Tartan blankets can remind people of their heritage. Quality is so important in our endeavour to make more sustainable, sensible purchases.

Did you know wool is a stronger material than many of its man-made, or synthetic equivalents? Being hardy and flexible each fibre can withstand being bent 20,000 times. Wool is most well known for being warm, it's been used for centuries to keep cosy, however as it is a breathable material it can also be used in summer months. This wonderful fibre also tolerates being damp and will dry quickly, making it resistant to even the harshest winters. A woollen blanket is naturally mould resistant and therefore will feel clean and fresh (and odour free) even with heavy handling from the whole family.

That's just some of the reasons we love wool. 

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about us, and happy shopping!

Love Hannah & Cathy x