Spring Greens - How to Use Them in Your Décor

Spring greens are the colour trend that is popping up everywhere. We can totally understand why as green is a stylish way to give your living space a calm serene feel. It's a truly classic colour, which when done well can be timeless. For those of us who love the outdoors, using green in your home is an easy way of bringing the outside inside. 

So how can you use spring greens in your décor?

You might choose to be bold and add spring green to your walls with paint or wallpaper. We particularly love colour-blocking. Green accessories come in all shapes: prints, candles, lamp-shades or cushions. Of course indoor plants are the easiest way to add a spring green ambience to your home. 

At Wool Blanket Online, we also know how effective a wool blanket or throw can be at adding colour to your décor. So we've chosen 3 ways you can use greens in your décor using blankets: 

Greens & Neutrals

Green & Neutral Wool Blankets

The warm soft neutrals compliment the olive greens to give an earthy feel. This is a truly timeless way of using green in your home. Add woody textures with baskets, wooden furniture or flooring. Different shades and textures in our blankets can bring this look together. 

Green & Neutral Coloured Pure New Wool Blankets

Left to right, top to bottom: Herringbone Pure New Wool Throw - Olive, Block Check Pure New Wool Throw - Olive, Alaska Stripe Pure New Wool Throw - Earth, Herringbone Pure New Wool Throw - Hazel

Layer your bed

layers of wool blankets on large beds

Adding multiple blankets to your bed can create a cosy atmosphere. You can mix and match different textures and colours to create a unique and personalized look making the spring green trend your own. Another bonus is wools temperature regulating properties, being insulating but naturally breathable. By having a few different blankets on hand, you can easily adjust to changes in temperature to create a comfortable sleeping zone. 

Green blankets layered across king size beds

Left to right, top to bottom: Honeycomb XL Pure New Wool Throw - Fern/GreyHex Pure New Wool Throw - OliveHerringbone Shetland Pure New Wool Throw - AppleHoneycomb XL Pure New Wool Throw - Emerald/Grey

Choose a lighter shade

Lighter shades of green used around the home
Choosing light shades of green can be a refreshing change to grey, or even pair well with grey or white. These soft subtle shades give a calm and clean feel to your home. Perfect to brighten spaces and help you unwind at the end of the day. Think of light green as your new base shade.
Light green blankets paired with grey