7 Reasons You Need A Wool Blanket

We love our wool blankets and we thought we would share with you some of the reasons why.

1. Wool has been used for its warming properties for centuries. In winter it will actively heat up! Imagine sheep surviving in some of the coldest climates year-round. Cosy.

2. It's breathable. Air particles can pass through wool so in summer your blanket will be cooler. Perfect indoors and out.

Herringbone Wool Blankets make great picnic throws
3. It's super strong - wool fibres are flexible and hardy enough to withstand being bent around 20,000 times. It will last longer than its synthetic rivals.

4. Unlike synthetic fibres, this wonder-fibre tolerates being damp and will dry quickly, so is resistant to mould and mildew. A woollen blanket will, therefore, feel clean and fresh (and odour free) even with heavy handling from the whole family.

Herringbone wool throws in Bright Colours
5. There are so many types to choose from! Recycled Wool still has all these great benefits but is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Luxury Lambswool's softness makes it perfect for scarves and baby blankets. Alpaca wool too!

6. Our customers know the timeless value of a quality wool blanket; they can be used by the family for years. Baby Blankets or Picnic Blankets are great for making memories with.

Brick Red Bronte By Moon Blankets and Throws
7. Last but not least, they look great! A quality woollen blanket can be the accessory which finishes a well put together home interior. You can go for a classic natural look or a bold vibrant blanket, either way, it can bring a whole room together.