Everything you need for the perfect picnic

Everything you need for the perfect picnic

As we enjoy the warmer weather of spring & summer, no doubt we are all really excited about being able to enjoy some alfresco dining with friends & family. A picnic has always been a staple of the British summers, and this year we will appreciate it all the more so. 

With this in mind we've put together a little list of everything you need for the perfect picnic. 

Firstly, the perfect spot.

We all have our favourite places to picnic; at the beach, at the park or in the garden. Choosing your spot is one of the most important factors. Do you enjoy staring at the circling waves of the ocean? Or prefer the rolling hills and open countryside? Being a Yorkshire girl I personally love a gorgeous country landscape, complete with a flock of sheep, to sit back and enjoy my picnic. One of my favourite ways to relax is to take a country walk, and find a nice secluded spot to escape to! If your a walker, our walker picnic rugs, are perfect as they are super lightweight and easy to carry in your rucksack! 

Check out these useful links to find picnic spots in Yorkshire:

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Charcuterie Board on a British Picnic Blanket

Secondly, the most delicious food.

Let's be honest. One of the main reasons we all enjoy a picnic is the food!

Here's some of the goodies I think are essential for a tasty picnic:

1. Good Bread. Perhaps one of the most underrated but important items is your bread. Whether you go for tear & share, dipped in hummus, or are making delectable sandwiches you need good fresh bread to make your picnic complete. This is also a great way to support your local bakery, and treat yourself to something special. If like me you are gluten intolerant I highly recommend a book by Becky Excell called 'How to Make Anything Gluten Free', I recently made the bread buns from this and they were the best gluten free buns I've ever had! 

2. Strawberries. Preferably fresh British strawberries, which are in season May-October. These also remind me of summers spent watching Wimbledon! A great idea for combining a picnic with an activity for kids & adults is to find a local place near you to go strawberry picking. 

3. A Charcuterie Board. An eye-pleasing crowd favourite! One of the best things about a plate of meats, cheese, olives and other savouries is there is something for everyone. You can go big, or keep it simple. I always feel super satisfied after indulging in one of these. 

Thirdly, a thirst-quenching cool beverage.

Let's just suppose you happen to be picnicking on one of those rare baking-hot days of the British summer. What is more satisfying than a cool drink? At the moment I can't live without a good tonic water. The London Essence make one of my favourites flavoured with Pomelo and Pink Pepper, serve with or without your ultimate gin. 

Fourthly, a good picnic basket.

To keep everything neat & organised a picnic basket, or hamper is a must. There's lots of different styles on the market. I prefer a classic wicker basket look, or you could go for a more fancy cool bag! Carrying a re-usable bag or basket often means you make less impact on the environment when enjoying your picnic; there's less one use plastics, and you have an easy way to take your rubbish away with you. 

A great way to give back to the places we love is to get involved in a local clean up - the Marine Conservation Society runs the Great British Beach Clean every September, click this link to learn more.  

Recycled Blanket Picnic Scene

Finally, and most important, a British picnic blanket!

Keeping our selves comfy is paramount to enjoying the picnic experience. That's why we aim to make picnic blankets that are practical, stylish and cosy.

We have lots of options when it comes to our picnic blankets, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

You could choose an eco-friendly recycled blanket. These are also budget-friendly yet don't comprise on quality! Click here to shop our recycled blanket range.

If you value practicality why not choose one of our eventer picnic blankets. These have a built-in pocket, built-in carry straps and a waterproof backing, so you can enjoy your picnic with ease. Available in classic tartan checks or a modern honeycomb yellow.

Antique Buchanan Tartan Waterproof Eventer Picnic Blanket

If you really want to picnic in-style one of our favourite picks are our polo picnic blankets. These are in a beautiful array of colours, in some of our most popular designs. 

Polo Herringbone Silver Grey Picnic Blanket

Click here to shop our full range of waterproof picnic blankets.

Wool is a great material for picnic's as it's a naturally breathable material, naturally stain-resistant, and naturally strong. What more could you need?


Thanks for reading my blog! Non-of the above recommendations are endorsed, they are just my personal preferences. Please take care when enjoying a picnic to do this in a safe and eco-conscious way. This styled picnic shoot was photographed by Beans on Toast for Two, a Yorkshire-based wedding photographer.