Which type of wool should I choose?

Our blankets and throws are made from a variety of different wools. They are all made in Britain by expert craftsmen and women. We wanted to put together this handy guide which will help you choose the right wool for you.

All the wools we use are natural, renewable, biodegradable, insulating and breathable. However, their softness and thickness can depend on what wool is used. This means the wool blanket you would use a picnic blanket on a beach may vary from the blanket you want to snuggle up in bed with. Most of our blankets are made from the following 3 types of wool:

Recycled Wool

Due to its high-quality wool is readily recyclable and has been recycled for centuries. ‘Recycled Wool’ is used to make some of our most popular throws. A closed loop system is used to return wool into a raw fibre state, this can then be used as raw material to make yarn for products like our random recycled throws. ‘Recycled Wool’ is a coarser texture than new wool but a more economical choice. We think they make great picnic blankets, are great for by a fire in the garden or as a decorative throw. Click here to shop 'Recycled Wool'.

  • Good for the environment & sustainability
  • Strong and warm, but coarse
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be washed on a wool-friendly Cold Wash setting

Pure New Wool

Many of our blankets are made from ‘Pure New Wool’. This term is used for wool that is shorn from a sheep after their first shear. Sheep naturally produce this every year. ‘Pure New Wool’ is graded to make sure that no other fibres or recycled wool has been added. This term refers to the quality of the wool, so it can be made up of a mix of different sheep breeds. ‘Pure New Wool’ is soft and fluffy, it is probably our most versatile wool as it makes great throws for beds, sofas, and around the home, but can also be a great picnic blanket or travel blanket. Click here to shop 'Pure New Wool'.

  • Soft and fluffy
  • Thick and warm
  • Versatile
  • Some can be washed on a wool-friendly Cold Wash setting
  • Some are dry clean only (each blanket will have specific instructions in the description)


‘Lambswool’ is great for a more luxurious wool feel. This wool is typically shorn from lambs that are not yet twelve months old, it will also be the first shear of a coat, this means the wool is super soft. Regarded as a high-grade textile, this wool is regulated to ensure a soft and fine finish. We think ‘Lambswool’ is perfect for throws which you want to snuggle in as its soft on the skin. It also makes great baby blankets. ‘Lambswool’ blankets tend to be thinner & lighter than ‘Pure New Wool’ blankets, but they are softer, and just as warm. Click here to shop 'Lambswool'.

  • Extra-soft
  • Luxurious on the skin
  • A fine finish
  • Dry Clean Only


A fluffy sheep with a wool coat

There are also some other terms used across our site to describe wool quality, so here are a few handy definitions to explain what it all means.


‘Merino’ refers to the breed of sheep the wool is gathered from. ‘Merino’ is the most refined and softest sheep wool. It is so fine that it can have a diameter of down to 17 microns. Originating from Spain, it is the most sought-after wool for luxury textiles.

Some of our blankets are ‘Merino Lambswool’, this means not only is the wool soft high-grade Lambswool but it also is specifically from the ‘Merino’ breed.


Native to South America the Alpaca hairs are exceptionally fine and soft, having a diameter of only 15-40 microns. Alpaca hair is a natural hypoallergenic, durable, and luxurious. This silky fibre is celebrated for its warmth and supreme softness.


Originally from the Island of Shetland in Scotland the Shetland breed of sheep were known for their fantastic woolly fleeces. Today the term ‘Shetland’ is also widely used for a wool developed in New Zealand to mimic the original ‘Shetland’ breed by carefully combining wool from breeds like Romney, Perendale or Cooperworth. This style is similarly graded to ‘Pure New Wool’ but perhaps carries a greater distinction due to the specific feel of the ‘Shetland’ style wool.

British Wool

This is wool which is certified as coming from sheep raised in Britain. ‘British Wool’ is often regarded as too coarse and rough to be used in blankets and scarves, however, we have partnered with some expert weavers who are creating throws and blankets that break that rule! Sheep raised in Britain often roam hills in all-weathers, we think this is fantastic, and are happy to enjoy the wool that is produced closer to home. If you are looking to reduce your carbon-footprint and support innovative British companies then look for our ‘British Wool’ products. Click here to shop 'British Wool'.


Did you know cashmere wool comes from goats? The name comes from a breed of goats raised in the Kashmir mountains. Its super fine texture makes it soft and gentle on the skin, while also trapping heat to keep you warm and snug. It is regarded as a luxury wool.


If you have any questions about wool, please feel free to get in touch using the contact us page. If you are looking for information on how to take care of your wool product please see our guide here.