How to Care For Your Wool Blanket

Wool is among one of the most durable natural fibres. Not only are they soft and warm they are difficult to stain and damage. Wool blankets are easy to care for, and you don't need to wash them often, in fact, it's best to wash them as sparingly as possible. To make sure your wool blanket lasts a lifetime here are some of our top tips for caring for your wool blanket.

1. Air blankets outside

We find wool doesn’t need washing as often as man-made materials. A good shake and hanging on the line outside on a dry day can really refresh your blanket. This also dissipates any odour. 

2. Remove Debris

Like all fabrics in the home, debris - like crumbs and pet hair - sometimes get stuck in wool. A lint roller or soft-bristle brush can gently remove debris from your blanket. This is best done gently in the direction of the wool to avoid pulling and snagging the wool.

3. Clean a stain

Wool is naturally water repellant so liquid stains don't happen very often, however, if left they will begin to soak in. The longer stains or spills remain on the fabric the more difficult they become to remove as they will dry into the fabric. So if you spill on a blanket shake off the liquid as soon as possible. If unfortunately there is a stain use warm water and a mild detergent suitable for wool to spot clean as soon as possible. Soak the stain and don’t scrub the fabric, instead blot with a soft cloth. 

4. Wash

If your blanket needs a wash make sure you follow the instructions on the care label. Different wools will need caring for differently. If the label allows for machine washing make sure this is on a gently wool wash cycle and use a gentle wool detergent. Wash wool on a Cold Wash Only, as heat can shrink the blanket. Do not spin! Spinning the blanket can also create shrinkage. Never put a wool blanket on a dryer setting.

5. Dry

Never use a tumble dryer to dry a wool blanket, it will destroy the softness of your blanket and shrink it. It is best to hang them flat on a clothesline either inside or outside. Avoid places too near a radiator or other heat source.

We hope this helps you care for your wool blanket. Please remember this is a guideline only and we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to your blanket by use of these guidelines. If in doubt, seek the advice of a professional cleaning company.