Sustainability Of Our Gift Box Packaging

Gift BoxMany gift boxes have excessive packaging, and this can end up in landfill.  We wanted our gift boxes to be different. We’ve thought about keeping them eco-friendly and minimal by using recycled products which can be used again or recycled.

  • Our boxes are made from recycled material. We’ve chosen to keep these un-branded so they can be easily reused by the recipient of the gift. They could be re-gifted, used as storage, or as a fun activity for kids. When they reach the end of their life, they are fully recyclable.
  • Children drawing on recycled box
  • We use ribbon which has impressive green credentials. It is produced using 100% post-consumer waste plastic in the form of PET plastic bottles. This process eliminates the creation of virgin yarn, meaning no oil is extracted from the ground, plus the plastic bottles have a useful second life rather than being put in landfill or the ocean. Using solar power in the manufacturing process, the amount of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is also reduced during this recycling process. The ribbon can easily be re-used by the recipient on another gift, in arts & crafts or as a hair accessory.
  • We use Kraft tissue paper that is recycled and PH neutral. We’ve also chosen to keep this un-branded so it can be easily reused by the recipient of the gift. The tissue paper is fully recyclable.
  • Our printed products, including the notecard, are printed on 100% recycled paper, and can be easily recycled.
  • We only use filler if we must, for example if a product is fragile. We make our own filler using shredded waste recycled Kraft paper from our office. Some of this was saved from boxes wrapped last year to minimise waste.