5 Interior Colour Trends for Summer 2023

Shades which are defining our 2023 summer, and the best blankets to embrace them.

Using blankets & throws in your home is a great way to add colour and texture to your interiors. Even though this article highlights trends, are blankets are designed to last, classically beautiful and a sustainable choice.

Deep Blue blankets

Deep blues in our home signals a return to a classic look. Blue can add sophistication and style. Cool blues create drama! 

Sunset coloured blankets

Try the sunset trend to add a positive, vibrant feel to your home. Orange hues mixed with yellows, and reds can transform your interiors. So even when the weather isn't sunny, you can bring the sunshine inside.

lots of pink blankets

We love pink! Whether it is dusky hues, loud brights or dark magentas; the pinks are back. Viva Magenta has been chosen as Pantone's colour of the year for 2023. Barbie pink is glamorous and unafraid.

oat neutral coloured blankets

A beautiful new trend is the oat and wheat shades. Inspired by nature these neutrals introduce undertones of yellow and gold that add considerable warmth. They're a great way to update your home and give it an earthy feel.

Lilac purple blankets

Lilacs really are lovely. They give a country cottage feel, and remind us of our Granny's gardens. Popular in the early 2000s this colour is definitely making a comeback. This classic colour can add a warmth to your home.

Shop the looks:

Deep Blues: Wafer Pure New Wool Ink, Jacquard Spot Pure New Wool Blue JayLindley Pure New Wool Shetland BlueHerringbone Shetland Pure New Wool PeacockHerringbone Wool Blue

Sunset: Boa Pure New Wool Pumpkin OrangeHarland Pure New Wool Shetland SunsetHarlequin Check Pure New Wool SunshinePatchwork Merino Lambswool SunshineHarland Pure New Wool Shetland Multi

Pinks: Honeycomb Pure New Wool Dusky PinkBoa Pure New Wool PinkHerringbone Pure New Wool Pink & SilverLindley Pure New Wool Shetland RaspberryHerringbone Shetland Pure New Wool Fuschia

Oat Neutrals: Diagonal Stripe Recycled Wool Natural LatteHerringbone Pure New Wool HazelWaffle Pure New Wool OatmealNatural Collection Pure New Wool Block Check BrownIllusion Pure New Wool Natural

Lilacs: Herringbone Merino Lambswool CloverHerringbone Wool HeatherLindley Pure New Wool Shetland HeatherTweed Wool PurpleHarland Pure New Wool Shetland Heather